Installation of teletransmission and access equipment

Inwestel installs SDH, DWDM, ROADM and access teletransmission equipment such as ISAM, GPON, IP routers, being installation service provider of suppliers such as Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson. The scope of our services includes physical installation of the equipment at the Customer’s site, power supply, copper and fiber optic cabling based on the projects submitted by the Customers or based on the projects designed by our engineers and designers and which are based on performed site surveys.

Services cover also installation of the equipment, configuration, testing and the integration of the equipment with the network. We have got relevant installation tools (e.g. fiber optic splicer) and devices such as laptops with respective ports and adapters giving the possibility of downloading the software onto equipment, light meters, optical attenuators, transmission analyzers, reflectometer.